Nov 18. Sign Making Party

Join us on Wednesday, November 18 between 6:30pm-9:30pm at Sobeys in Stratford, PE for our sign making party! We will be upstairs in the Community Room located on the right when you enter the store. Sobeys is located on 9 Kinlock Road. If you have any questions please call Tammy at (902) 658-2869 or via email at . There is also a Dollar Store located next door if we need to pick up any last minute items!

Here is a list of suggested for sign and where to find the materials!

Sign material suggestions
– Foam board (approx $5 to $6/per 20”x 30” piece), sturdy, won’t bend, therefore easy to read
– Plastic corrugated board – waterproof and light!!
– Bristol board or poster board ($1 at Staples or dollar store):
o Staple Bristol board to thicker cardboard from boxes to give adequate firmness
o Use Bristol board as a body sign (hole punch corners, attach string to wear around neck, or make a sandwich board sign with a front and back.
o Use bright and varied colours

– Stencils or templates: good for spray painting or coloring in with permanent markers. Purchase at craft/ stationary stores, or make by hand from old file folders, cereal boxes or poster board.
– Sticky plastic letters: from craft and stationary stores; Staples has 3” black letters (2 to 4 copies of each letter) for $6.95 –not cheap if you’re making lots of signs, but you can use them as a template on poster board to make your own stencils.
– Free hand: with spray paint or markers.
– Markers: Buy the big fat ones or you’ll be there all day
o Thick large letters and brief messages for easy reading by passing motorists!!

Sign handles
– Paint stir sticks: From any paint or hardware store or try a local lumber store for scraps or doweling
– String or twine for signs to be worn on front, or for hanging banners.
– Wooden dowels for supporting large banners
– Firm materials (e.g. plastic corrugated board) can be held up without handles – probably best choice for roadside visibility

– Canvas: Strong but expensive at $8 / yard. Cheaper thinner canvas-like material is available for $3 – $4/yard. Cotton: Best for paint (nylon/synthetics not as easy to paint on).
– Grommets: Insert in fabric at corners to attach twine/rope for hanging or for attaching to wooden dowels (also available at fabric stores, pkg of 12 for $2);
o Very easy to spray paint the fabric (way cheaper than fabric paint)
o Write message on banner free-hand or use stencils, etc.
o Size of banner depends on location
o Cut vent holes in large banners & signs for manageability in windy locations!!

Where to buy materials
– Foam core boards: Michael’s Craft Store & Staples. $4 – $5.00.
– Paint Stir Sticks: Free from Home Depot (possibly other paint stores) to use as handles.
– Duct Tape: White duct tape at Michael’s to attach handles to boards (also white). Fast and worked great.
– Stencils: Michaels has ABC post-it-note type lettering stencils for $8.50

Special thanks to Moms on the Move for this materials list!


Autism Letter to Government

Here is another way you can help! If you would like to send the Premier or your MLA a letter but do not know what to write, we have created a letter that you can feel free to use. Feel free to add or edit it to meet the needs of your family! A list of Government contacts can be found here.

Premier Robert Ghiz
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Dear Premier Ghiz,

Autism now affects as many as 1 in 91 children, but it’s more than children. It affects families, friends and our One Island Community as a whole. Autism impacts more than one government department so a true Island Autism Strategy would see multiple departments working together but current supports fail many families when they need help the most. Families need real results, not another document that government ignores.

A true Island Autism Strategy would see the Health Department decreasing diagnosis wait times from over a year to less than three months.

A true Island Autism Strategy would see the Social Services Department giving all families the same information about the financial supports available to them to help their child.

A true Island Autism Strategy would see the Education Department reducing the up to two year wait time for early intervention services because a two year wait is not an early intervention at all.

A true Island Autism Strategy would see the Rural Development Department ensuring that families in rural areas have access to comparable service levels for their children as families in urban areas.

A true Island Autism Strategy would see the Innovation Department finding ways to make sure that the people delivering one on one therapy to these children make at least as much in wages as a liquor store clerk.

Think back to the election of 2007. Our families were promised that services would improve and that we would be put first for a change. More than two years later that hasn’t happened and that needs to change now. Our children can’t wait because Autism doesn’t work on a political schedule.

We ask that your government put these Islanders first for a change and work with families to create a better system for the children of today as well as the children of tomorrow.

Facebook Fan Page

We launched our Facebook Fan Page on Thursday, October 29, 2009 and we have over 200 Fans in less than 48 hours! Thank you for your support. We are thrilled to see so many people who support the need for improved autism services on Prince Edward Island.

We will be keeping you all up to speed on the campaign details as it unfolds.

You can reach us at !

Ways to Participate

A group of passionate parents have joined together to bring awareness of the challenges we face raising our children affected by autism. We are calling on the Government of Prince Edward Island to implement a Provincial Autism Strategy to improve the services available to all individuals affected by autism on PEI.

So how can you participate? There are three ways. Choose one, two or all three !

1. Sign our Petition for improved autism services on Prince Edward Island.

2. Share your story.

3. Join us on November 19, 2009 for a peaceful protest outside the PEI Legislature.

As Autism Awareness Month comes to a close in Canada, we challenge you to join our cause and spread the word that our children deserve better. Enough talk. Time for Action.

Faces of Autism Campaign

We want to show our Island MLAs that our children are precious and deserve respect and fair treatment. Please email us a photo of your child to add to the Faces of Autism Gallery. We are all in this together and together we can improve autism services on Prince Edward Island.

Please email your photo to: