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We launched our Facebook Fan Page on Thursday, October 29, 2009 and we have over 200 Fans in less than 48 hours! Thank you for your support. We are thrilled to see so many people who support the need for improved autism services on Prince Edward Island.

We will be keeping you all up to speed on the campaign details as it unfolds.

You can reach us at facesofautism2009@gmail.com !


4 responses to “Facebook Fan Page

  1. I see you are promoting Autism Speaks’ video “I am Autism” on your Facebook group. I sincerely hope you don’t also plan on using that kind of fear, stigma and pity to “increase public awareness” here on PEI. Autistics absolutely deserve better than that.

  2. Wow,
    Sorry you feel this way. I personally love this video. To me it speaks fact and truth and my life. I find inspiration and strength in it and have posted on my facebook for all my friends to see. I think it’s brilliant, just like our children! Why do you call yourself “jypsy”?

  3. I too am sorry you feel the way you do about this. You are not alone in your feelings, nor am I. Sixty-Five international, national, state, and local (US) organizations from the cross-disability community, signed a joint letter condemning Autism Speaks for demonizing autism in this video. Autism Speaks, “realized it did hurt a certain segment of the population, which is why we removed the video link from our website”. I fail to see, and no one has been able to tell me, how this video helps autistics. You, as a parent, may “find inspiration and strength in it”, but at what expense? Inspiration & strength can be found without hurting a segment of society, without using fear & stigma and offending so many people. Have you read any of the objections besides mine?

    My nickname “jypsy”, which when googled along with “autism” will clearly point you to my legal name (janet norman-bain). It was taken in the early to mid ’90s when I first went online and needed a nickname in the irc channels #autism and #asperger (http://www.inlv.demon.nl/irc.asperger/). I used to run one of the biggest and oldest autism websites on the internet and because of that I was known online and in the autism & autistic communities as “jypsy”.

    If you read The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndrome, in the section labeled “Some True Pioneers” in a paragraph with Dave Spicer, Jerry Newport, Stepher Shore, Roger Meyer, Martijn Dekker and Jim Sinclair it reads: “Janet Norman-Bain, better known as “jypsy”, is Webmaster of the “Ooops…Wrong Planet” Web site. These individuals have all made significant contributions to supporting not only individuals with Autism spectrum disorders but also educating those who love and care for them. While there are many more, these particular individuals deserve our thanks for the breadth and depth of their commitment.” If you look at the back of Christopher Gillberg’s “A Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome” you’ll also see me referred to as “jypsy (janet norman-bain)” (I did the cover).

    In real life situations, because of the degree of face-blindness I deal with, it helps me try to place people – if they address me as “jypsy” I likely know them through the autism community, if they address me as “janet” I likely know them another way. I have another nickname that a few people from a specific area on PEI refer to me with which further helps me identify people.

  4. We have surpassed 700 friends on our Facebook Page! Thanks for all the support!

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